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The Cutting Room Floor
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movie-based rp
Note: If you were directed here from one of my old ads, yes, this used to be a roleplay for directors. I converted it when I finally decided that no one besides me wanted to RP as directors. If you actually do want to RP as a director, IM me at AdaptedSpike or e-mail me at fdalena@yahoo.com.

Community Info
Ever watched a movie and found you wanted a character's story to continue? Ever wished it had gone differently? Ever wished that instead of killing himself Neil Perry had run away with Lotte Schwartz? Well then. You're in the right place. The Cutting Room Floor tells the story of an alternate world in which characters from all movies live together. How does it work? Well, a bored video store clerk has figured out a way to take his favorite characters from different movies and drop them into one place- a city he has created just for them. Now he gets to sit back and watch them interact. Oh the fun.

This community is pretty accepting of different characters, just keep a few things in mind.
1. Be sure to look at the list of taken characters and pbs at the_crf. Keep in mind, a PB can only be taken once. So if the actor who plays your character is taken you may have to pick a different PB. Obviously, since we don't want the problem to keep perpetuating, please don't choose a different movie star. Instead, choose a model, musician, or someone else of that nature so that you're not taking a PB from anyone else. You will be allowed to use the same PB as someone if and only if you are playing their twin. So if Nicholas Cage is taken as Charlie Kaufman, he may be used by someone else only if they're playing Donald Kaufman.
2. If you choose an animated character, please pick a real person PB if at all possible. We understand that you may not be able to pick a PB for Shrek, but you should be able to for Princess Fiona.
3. Please choose a characters who was originally created for a movie. It's perfect fine if the movie character is based on an actual person (though you'll be playing them as they were portrayed in the movie), but please no book characters. If you want to play Harry Potter or someone of that nature, look at our sister community storiesunfoldrp. Of course, the character will be accepted if they're different enough from the character they're based on. Emma won't be accepted, but Cher Harowitz will be.
4. Variety is the spice of life, so I won't let characters from any one work constitute more than half the characters. So before applying you might want to make sure that you don't play a character from a movie that's taking over.
5. Orientations are always negotiable, but if your character was het in the movie, don't have them show up and suddenly be a card-carrying homo. Instead, actually play them discovering that they're attracted to the same sex.